Please make sure you read the Rules and Watch the Safety Video before your visit to Jumpbox.

Jumpbox Rules

Freestyle bouncing is an extreme physical sport and therefore you should already be aware that this carries certain risks, just as Snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding or BMX does. However those risks are greatly reduced by following the Rules set by Jumpbox and complying with any instructions given to you by Jumpbox staff.
Let’s face it, you wouldn’t ski a Double Black diamond slope or longboard down a winding mountain road on your first attempt so please be aware to perform the many jumps and flips you see on the Internet takes extreme skill, practice and dedication.
Our park is designed to give the safest experience possible whilst also having incredible fun.
Our Court monitors that we like to call ‘Safety Buddies’, are easily recognisable with their white Jumpbox hoodie. They play an essential role in the safety of all (yourself and the rest of our clients). This includes regular checks of equipment to ensure it is in safe working order. Providing a visible presence at all times to ensure Park Rules are adhered to and to answer any questions you may have.

First Aid
Whilst our park is designed to provide a safe and fun experience, the nature of this extreme physical activity can result in certain injuries, hence the importance of following both our Golden Rules and our Park Safety Rules. This should contribute to limiting the types and number of injuries and hopefully, injuries sustained will only be minor bumps and sprains.
Our staff receive first aid training supplied by accredited external training companies. It is extremely important to remember that whilst our Staff are First Aid trained, they DO NOT replace a Doctor, Nurse or any other medical expert and staff being present DOES NOT give you Special protective powers over your own skill levels and ability. Remember Golden Rule ONE!!

Safety Rules
At Jumpbox we have two GOLDEN – must-follow-at-all-costs – rules. They are simple yet incredibly effective rules.
1) Apply common sense to anything and everything you do whilst in our parks.
With this approach we’re confident you won’t go wrong, the great thing is we abide by this rule too so everything we do has been thought out with common sense and safety for you in mind.
2) Respect our park at all times.
This one is REAL easy and following this rule will ensure the park stays clean, tidy and safe for future visits as we firmly believe you’ll want to return time and time again.

General Rules
In order to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for all, please make sure you abide by the following rules:


·         Appropriate clothing must be worn at all times, loose fitting or athletic clothing wear is ideal.
·         Wearing clean Jumpbox anti-slip socks is compulsory.
·         Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult (who does not necessarily need to jump but needs to stay on site).
          For older children, the presence of a responsible adult is highly recommended but not compulsory. However 
          the responsibility still lies with the responsible adult who has filled in and signed the waiver.

·         During peak time hours, any child aged 4-6 needs to be accompanied by a jumping adult (1 adult minimum per 3 mini-jumpers).
·         No garment or jewellery with pointy, sharp, cutting, dangly elements (such as belt and earrings).
·         No personal items (such as mobile phone, camera, keys, wallet, jewellery...) are allowed on the Trampoline platform.
·         No crawling, fighting, pushing or running within the Jumpbox complex.
·         No food or drinks (or chewing-gums) can be consumed onto or near the Trampoline platform.
·         No jumping / bouncing under the influence of alcohol, drug or medication.
·         No jumping / bouncing while pregnant or suffering of a medical problem / condition.
·         No external food or drinks can be consumed in the snackbar and sitting area (only in the locker area).  
          Tables, chairs, stools, sofas and benches in the snackbar area (beyond the reception area) are for consuming customers.
·         The mezzanine floor is reserved for birthday parties and private functions.


·         Only one person per trampoline.
·         Jumping / Bouncing with both feet simultaneously, and landing on both feet simultaneously (or your back or your bum), with hands forward.
·         Landing in the centre of trampolines is the safest way.
·         Look around before jumping onto another trampoline, no climbing / grabbing onto the semi-vertical trampolines or onto the nets, no tearing the safety pads.
·         No sitting or laying on the Trampolines or foam pads. Rest on the Trampoline platform.
·         No running, jumping or executing saltos on the foam pads.  
·         No diving head first into the airbag, only one jumper at a time.
·         No attempting anything beyond your personal or physical limits.
·         Jumps must always be forward facing. Stunt jumps and others may be executed with caution and at your own risk.
·         Not abiding by these rules and instructions may cause you to waste jumping time.