Q & A

How can you help us?

2020 and 2021 have been very challenging years and we have done everything we could to survive. But it has been at the cost of our savings of the last 3 years. Customers are coming back progressively but with the restrictions (so many sqm per customers and with mask), not at the necessary rate. 

So if you want to help us survive, you can donate on our Crowdfunding - gofundme.com/f/fixed-charges-for-jumpbox-covid19-4month-closure - as we need to raise enough to cover our charges for the future. No amount is too small and it will help us fund our progressive back-on-our-feet and keep us afloat until this bad nightmare is over. The link contains our story (but not the last year as so much has been put in place and we could write pages and pages) which you might find interesting to read and we hope will convince you to help. As of September 2021 we have only reached 2% of our target but with your help, we can get there. Only 98% to go so a collective initiative could really help ;-) To get there faster, why not.... collect from your friends/family and/or colleagues/employees and, as a thank you, if you reach 

 - 3000 euros, we will offer you a teambuilding event for 10 people (activities and buffet) 
 - 5000 euros, we will offer you a teambuilding  event for 18 people (activities and buffet)

We thank you profusely for your generosity and/or for sharing this with your family, friends and/or professional network. Looking forward to greeting you again soon ;-)