At Jumpbox we believe in corporate social responsibility (indeed we are part of IMS. To find out more... Probably because we are parents ourselves and because the vast majority of our customers is young and we hope to influence all positively. 

From the onset, we chose the building because of its capacity at absorbing noise. It was initially a film studio and therefore is kitted with various clever bits (ceiling frames, special insulation in the walls) so it provides the perfect space for active jumpers and parents who may want to converse with each other without having to scream. It is also not surprising to see some parents reading a book or even having a nap, while their child/ren enjoy(s) an hour on the trampolines. 

We obviously changed the lighting to LEDs and in the summer, we air-cool the space (as it is better for the environment than air-conditioning). We also sourced out old pieces of school furniture which were renovated and upcycled by our hands and used lots of OSB boards to give a warm, welcoming feel. 

Our (birthday) cakes and yummy cookies are made on site. We offer birthday packages that include fresh fruit platters and one of our savoury options, also includes vegetable platters for those who wish to have more balanced food. Also most of the long-lasting decorations to top the birthday cakes were also made by Team Jumpbox using Fimo modelling paste. As we believe that plastic is not good for our planet, we are progressively reducing our range of drinks in PET/plastic bottles and increasing our range in glass bottles. We swapped plastic straws for paper ones. And we spend the best part of 6 hours a week filling in individual sweet paper bags that we hand out to birthday party guests/host. In short, if we can think of improving the way we do things, we will do it.

Even our recruitment is thought out to be inclusive. What matters to us is the person and his/her willingness at working well. We employ young and young-at-heart individuals who want to learn and therefore enjoy coming to work. It may sound a lot of fun, but remaining vigilant, managing a birthday party in an efficient but still friendly manner is no mean feat so we are very proud of Team Jumpbox. Everyone is always willing to help so feel free to ask, and as long as we can, we will happily do it ;-) We still need to say that sometimes in our business, like in any other business, there are limitations, and we can't always perform miracles. 

In any case, we do all these things because we want to leave behind a better planet. A planet where everyone is appreciated and feels valued (whether as a customer or as an employee) in short where everyone feels part of a community. A planet available for the next generation. And that is why, when your child is invited to a party and that you are asked to sign a waiver for him/her, it would be best to sign it online (as opposed to just simply filling in the waiver form which is only valid one day so not really eco-friendly ;-(

None of your personal data is sold to external sources or used for marketing purposes. It is stored on a personal Cloud on a private server and if you need more reassurance, you will find at the bottom of the website our Privacy Policy page and by reading its content, we do hope that you will understand that we do take the part of our job about safekeeping our customers' private data very seriously. 

You may be wondering why you need to sign a waiver? It is really there to make participants aware of the risk of practising trampolining beyond their physical and fitness ability. In all fairness, this is another part of our job that we also take very seriously. Our goal is for you and your children to return many times so we take the time to explain how to jump safely, we do a thorough warm-up, we have safety buddies on site to spot injury-prone behaviours and whose job it is to intervene, advise customers and if necessary, to sanction with time penalty someone who may put others at risk. Our goal is safety first.

We hope to have convinced you of our good intentions and look forward to greeting you soon.